ESA BIC manager Donata visits "her" startups

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ESA BIC manager Donata cares about "her" startups. So she visits them to see if they are doing well. Her first destination: HUB31, a technology and foundation center in Darmstadt. Next to TIZ, where cesah/ESA BIC Hessen & Baden-Württemberg is located, HUB31 is the "place to be" for ESA BIC startups. Three of them have an office there at the moment.

First stop: SFM Systems. Christian shows Donata their office and proves that the EFRE poster is on the wall.

While co-founder Jens drives business forward,

Donata and Christian settle questions concerning the midterm report (MTR).


A tour through the premises is mandatory


as well as a table football competition (for the final score please contact Donata).


Meet and greet at the coffee machine with Alexander from SMART DATA – in the lounge the startups can discuss their problems... 

  .... and find solutions.


Before the preparation of the final report, Alexander shows Donata his office space as well.


Here the developers…

...there the sales and marketing department.



Last but not least: e.Ray.

They use the makerspace where they manufacture their products. One of them: the solar panel for your balcony!



Now Donata is happy. For the ESA BIC manager it is important to know that "her" startups are doing well!


Responsible for the (rest of the) pictures and companion of Donata:
Lisa, marketing and communication manager.












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